Crafting switch between the realms.

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Crafting switch between the realms.

Post  Hengysth on Sat Jul 19, 2008 5:37 am

Hello there Smile

I was trying to craft with a Viking alt in Gotwair Harbor. There was no problem for buying the mats there and craftin mid armor pieces. After a while I tried to switch on other realms craft and it did function : I saw the different alb and hib armo sorts. But then I had a little problem, when I wanted to craft a little albion plate set for my future alt => nothing happened.

No error message, no mention of uncorrect mats or wrong level or unsufficient level, just ... nothing. And when I switched back to midgarian craft, it worked again perfectly.

Hoping this will be helpfull for you. Thanks for the good job and have a good day all Smile


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