Mordred-Style PvP-->Cotswold

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Mordred-Style PvP-->Cotswold

Post  Nova on Mon Jun 30, 2008 8:57 pm

With the current state of the population, raids are difficult to assemble. Although during some times in the day we are able to get a sufficient amount of people on, there still isn't the attraction to the server that there needs to be. I think that, if the server cannot become a 'supporting' server on the DAoC Portal, something else needs to be done to attract a player-base. Here are a couple of my suggestions:

1) Removal of bounty point and realm point tokens, or a significant reduction in the ease of obtaining these tokens. Currently, I can make around 200,000 realm points per hour on my mentalist/mauler duo. That's ridiculous. It equates to rr4 in an hour, rr5 in 2, rr 6 in 5, rr7 in 9, even rr12 in just 115 hours. 115 may sound like a lot, but it's doable in a month or even less for a power gamer. In my opinion, to keep the server from spinning out of high realm rank control, reduce the realm point tokens by a factor of one tenth. It should take some time, or at least taking on very high level mobs, to accumulate a significant amount of realm points.
2) Implementation of a PvP-Area in Cotswold/mainland Albion. Set the rp at x10, bps at x3. This will invite a larger spectrum of players to the server. People who like to PvE can stick to the other areas, people who like PvP can grind to 50 and then start PvPing immediately, and those who like to mix it up can go as they please.
3) Bounty Point Reward Options: Currently, there are two things to use bounty points on, Rune mobs and Horse equipment. Hardly worth spending a significant amount of time farming for. In fact, when I farm, I usually just destroy the BP tokens I get. Consider implementing high-end gear @ 10,000 or so BPs per piece.
4) Itemize, itemize, itemize. Getting a large amount of zones itemized, even if the mob AI isn't optimal, is key for PvE players wishing to make their character the most elite. Razmataz has been working hard on Darkness Falls, but he can't do it alone. I'd consider allowing for another Gamemaster to be taken under Raz's wing to learn how to do everything and start itemizing, also.

Just a couple of thoughts...


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