A few things can be tweaked

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A few things can be tweaked

Post  Bolterguis on Thu Jun 19, 2008 3:46 pm

In my time playing here, i have noticed a few things that can be tweaked a bit.

1) The buffs that are gotten from the Allied Realms Enchancer can be made so they last for 30 min after one logs off. It is rather annoying when one goes link dead and they have to run out of the area they are hunting in and go get the buffs again. For example: In DF and your almost to the deepest parts of DF (normally couldn't get there solo with out the buffs) you go link dead and when you come back you are unbuffed and the only choice you have is to kill yourself (because you can't fight your way out unbuffed) and get rebuffed and fight your back down.

2) Rune protectors should have the same time limit as the buffs for the same reasons and also for the rune protectors that are purchased with bounty points, that only have one charge to them.

3) realm and Bounty tokes uneven drop rate, I have noticed that at the lower lvl mobs in DF drop them like candy wile the higher lvl mobs drop them a lot slower. it would be nice to see the drop rate more even. Also it would be nice to see the realm and bounty tokens stack able ( like in stacks of 10). way the current drop rate is for them at the lower lvl mobs about every 30 - 45 min (at least it was that way for me) one needs to leave and turn them in because they don't have anymore room.

I Would like to thank the dev team for making these custom aspects of the game and making the game available for play.

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RE: Tweaking

Post  Razmataz on Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:00 am

I also want to thank you for the feedback it is always helpful to make the server better.

the first issue about buffbots are noted, but i don't know of a single server where you keep your buffs after you log but i may be wrong as far as those from a buffbot. i do understand your concern about the limited buffbots, still that decision rests with admin where thay have been placed.

Rune protectors were designed with one use. you grab one when you log on. the higher protectors help those who want to farm or take on higher mobs with/or with out much help of other players. hence the cost of one. yes, it would be nice to recharge one. but think of it as a scroll it's used up once discharged. the free ones are still available.

Lastly, with the issue of DF. the reason the lower mobs drop seems more because the ratio of higher mobs to lower ones are about 1 for every 10. hence the larger amount on the lower mobs. the tables are very fair like i stated in earlier post. once you venture to the purple mobs and especially named the drops are more in variety in accordance to the table. Also, in reality a mob such as Legion or a Duke once there dead that means there dead. so respawn gives you more chances at something nice that is if you live.

And, with stacking tokens that is another admin decision. so I left it as it is.

DF will not be the only RvR zone for drops. Sidi, TG, Galladoria, NF, POC and Labby are in the works since they all fall in the RVR classification. All these zones are open now but need work. I will be going thru them soon as i have done with DF with a fine tooth comb and see if they match what live has to offer.

Since we are coop the tokens compensate for the RvR.

And, since these areas take time to fix please be patient.. I believe DF is a fun place to hang out now, and so will the others zones be once they match lives counterparts.

TOA is being fixed also by another admin. So, enjoy what we have for now until we can get the other areas up to par for your gaming fun.

As time permits I plan to implement some fun quests. But, for now trying to fix what we have.

thanks for you attention

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Re: A few things can be tweaked

Post  Zarrik on Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:55 pm

With the rp/bp tokens we cannot make them stackable because if you have a stack of 10 and turn them in it will only give you the amount for 1, this is a bug we are working on but until we get it fixed we cannot let them stack, Sorry.

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Re: A few things can be tweaked

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