Love this server, is there hope?

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Love this server, is there hope?

Post  Xunlich on Sun Dec 22, 2013 2:26 am

seems like I am the only one who has logged in this server for months :p I always wanted a freeshard server to be similar to the live PvE Gaheris server Mythic had, this seems to be the closest one. I've come to several spots where I can't really progress due to bugs or issues on the server, would love for just the brimstone/ice shard merchants to work (can't even delve the items). Just wanted to say you did a great job with this server and there is interest in it.


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there is hope

Post  Razmataz on Mon Dec 30, 2013 9:52 am

dear friend thanks for your kind comments. a great deal of work and years have went into this server and it isn't even close to being finished. the fact is every time you try and rebuild a custom core server to the newest version a great deal of the old custom scripts (like the brimstone merchants boss mob bonus scripts) will not work or will not adjust or comply to the newest version of shard or (newest core you are trying to build and function) to comply and bring the most current features that mirror the live version. as it is stands the euro shards are about 2-3 versions behind live. but in order to have the custom or tailored features you enjoy, versions like many custom shards like ours must stay old as versions 1.95-1.98 to let the old scripts you enjoy function properly.

the current core evolved from version 1.91 and has many issues I realize. but it was done so you could enjoy some of the newest features from the live versions and make it more current, however each time you introduce the newest updated "core" it doesn't always accept the old scripts that are featured from the old core. So, in other words, the scripts and features you may enjoy from the old server when it is updated are so out of date that they have to be eliminated until you can find the compatibility error or errors or issues or language that will comply with newest version of a shard or core if you will.

as stated earlier the server is not dead it is still functional and I'm looking for someone I can trust or more people I can trust to comply with the beliefs and values of this server and ministry. this is a family server and will I believe be that unless otherwise directed. we believe in integrity and doing it right the first time. therefore since I'm only one man, I don't have the staffing to address the known current issues of this server. pray that someone I can trust will be able to fulfill that request.

the server will be offline a week or two because I will be moving across the US. when I secure an internet server at my new home, the server will be back online.

God Bless!

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