Curious on Updates and Fixes

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Curious on Updates and Fixes

Post  dmoore0210 on Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:08 pm

First of all, i want to thank you for the server being back, after being a ghost for a little while, or maybe i was just gone too long, i dont know. Secondly, i read you were joining as a reservist/NG. I thank you for a service, as a Active Duty service member in the US Army, i understand how long the days can become, even when not "at work".

After farming the hell out of some magma rocks, to gear up my toon, i soon realized that the NPC does not work and am curious how the progress for fixing said NPC(s) is coming. If the issues with the 2 tiers Ice and Fire can be expected to be fixed sometime soon.

Labyrinth of Mino, i am intrigued as to what might be planned for said zone of destruction may be introduced.

Epic quests dont seem to work as well, not sure if i was doing something wrong by chance.

Lastly, i noticed alot of wrong delves on Spells/Styles, after doing some reading i noticed the version was downgraded and imagine it was due to the migration, and am wondering if/when those maybe fixed.

I offer my help in sorting this out, or as a staff member on the server to help young players that may be curious, and to try and help the population, as i feel it is truly a great server and used to be populated pretty decently back when i first played....about 3 years ago when it was first introduced, right? I dont want this server to be the one that is always "UP" but always has a population of ZERO. I love the project and see alot of potential. I started my own server similiar to this to expand on what was started, but i soon realized, i yet have ALOT to learn about coding for DoL.

Keep up the good work, and hope to see progress coming down the chute of a great game, and great server. Dont quit, your project has GREAT potential, just needs some fixing from the previous migration.

SPC Moore, US ARMY aka Bogha


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Post  Razmataz on Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:17 pm

I want to thank you for your zeal and interest to be a part of our server. I spent about 4 years building on the foundation of the original owner and because that I have now two full time jobs it has been nearly impossible to dedicate any real quality time to the server. As you say you have had some server experience. It really takes more than one full time real life paid persons to keep up with all the changes and fixes. So, enjoy some of the higher level dungeons like Caer Sidi and the like because they are stocked well and afford a challenge so bring a friend. When I can hire a full time staff member that can code that I can trust, then the server will be built up again. I apologize for not being active in the fixes. But, enjoy what you can until they have been taken care of.

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