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Post  Razmataz on Sun Mar 22, 2009 12:56 am

Hi gang. Sorry i haven't been around much.

I'm a US Army Reservist now and working full time and going to school on top of that...

LOL. But, i haven't forgot about ya and my duties here.

Have been duing some small tweaking, by placing some more NPC's in the RvR dungeons. Don't forget there's POC, Caer Sidi, Tuch Glacier, Galladoria, Summoner's Hall, and of course DF all with rp and item drops and bosses that are worth rp's. so enjoy!

I will be gone in the summer but until then will be plugging away in here when i can.

Feel free to leave feedback in the general section on things you would like to see and i may be able to give you a time frame when it will be implemented or not or if it is aready in the works.

Thanks for playing!


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