Thanks for all your hard work

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Thanks for all your hard work

Post  xandarr on Thu Jan 15, 2009 7:21 pm

I first wanted to thank you ever so much for this wonderful server it is the most fun ive had in ages. I am trying to talk some of my work buddies into playing as well. I did have a few questions to ask though.

I noticed most of the catacombs area is working as far as zones but are they itemized beyond coin drops?

I also noticed the task masters give a message the task dungeons suffered a cave in. Is this a feature you see being implemented or because of the instance nature is it something that cant be done.

In ToA are the dungeons and artifact mobs etc working..I have not been there im merely curious.

I can only imagine what a large undertaking this must be for you. It truly is amazing work thus far. If I knew more about coding I would offer my aid.

Thanks again and god bless


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Re: Thanks for all your hard work

Post  Razmataz on Thu Jan 15, 2009 9:55 pm

wow, where do we begin..
catcombs are in need of great work, i plan to have the alurite and other drops included hopefully this year. But, alurite merchants are available and alurite can be purchased with BP's.

toa mobs are in place but needs a great deal of work there.

most task masters are inop for the time being and need scripted. there is still a great deal can be done on other zones created. notice the neutral mob zone instance for first timers in Alb created to mimic cats leveling and such.

sidi, tuch glachier, df, brimstone, poc, agramon, and several other dugeons are pretty much complete. some need some work but you can level and get some good drops.

i'll try and get on more towards the end of this month, lot of real life changes ATM.

As, far as Ordok he was over taken and he escaped from Jord. he will reappear in the future.

And Jord is another area i have to restore manually.

Check forums for changes and what is working.

I Hope that helps.

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